Dancing, Singing , Sensory play and Music are part of a child’s process of growing up and learning what their magical bodies can do! This class brings a range of all activities for everyone. This 3 in 1 class benefits all development for your child keeping it up beat and fun for all.


Enter a world of the latest pop songs and newest moves! This funky class is based on fun fun FUN no pressure. It’s a way to boost confidence and improve teamwork while allowing students to explore the latest and of course coolest moves!


We will be creating dances featured in Music Videos, TV , Latest trends and songs. We will explore all styles, this is a Huge energy class, our teachers are lucky enough to have worked with a lot of big names in the industry and can’t wait too share it all and dance with you ! This class can also provide extra help for GCSE dance to achieve your goals!


Ballet is the foundation to all dance styles, working in a kind fun and friendly environment. We will work on core technique, flexibility, strength, confidence, alignment, co-ordination, musicality, physical development and performance skills. Our classes are structured but also giving the pupils a wonderful opportunity to enter a world of story telling and Imagery.


Tap dancers make frequent use of syncopation starting with choreography on the first or the 8th beat of the count, improvisation is another form of tap, with music following the beats provided or without musical accompaniment, otherwise known as Capella dancing.

Tap is the perfect way to develop such music and rhythm skills. During the class students will focus on two different styles of tap: American and ISTD. This will give the pupils an opportunity to explore and learn tap to a higher level.


Week by week we will work on all performing arts styles in one class. Singing. Acting and Dance technique, we will learn from existing HIT MUSICALS and also get creative with our own! We will be adding elements of Jazz with free warm ups and conditioning exercises, This class is great for a wanna be TRIPLE THREAT PERFORMER.


These unique classes are created in a relaxed and friendly environment. The class will start with a free warm up, moving onto technique and conditioning exercises, then a routine. This class is also great for any teens undertaking GCSE dance. We are happy to help and provide extra guidance for you, to help achieve your goals.